The Sonic Bloom Awards!

Our goal in creating the Sonic Bloom Awards is to recognize incredible podcasting projects created and hosted by underrepresented voices across the globe. The Sonic Bloom Awards are here to highlight inspiring, innovative and high-impact podcasting projects created by cis and trans women, non-binary individuals and anyone who identifies as gender-fabulous. We’re going to celebrate independent creators who have shown innovation, creativity and progress. We hope that this awards program will be an important step forward to encourage all in supporting, educating and nurturing underrepresented people in the podcast space.

What is a Sonic Bloom?

A sonic bloom is a term used to describe a phenomenon of intense and harmonious sound waves that bloom like a flower in the air. It is characterized by its vibrant and melodic qualities, often accompanied by a visual display of light and color. It can be experienced in nature, through music or art, or even in the form of collective human voices. It is believed to have a powerful impact on the human mind and body, inducing feelings of joy, euphoria, and even healing.

Why this Award Show?

In order to understand why we chose to do an awards show, one must first contemplate, “Why is diversity important?” Diversity is important because it leads to a MUCH wider range of perspectives and ideas, which can improve overall problem-solving and decision-making in a community. When we learned that over 70% of podcasters in the US are men….and an even larger percent are white, we knew we had to do something to encourage new people and perspectives into the industry as well as recognize those who are currently working to achieve this same goal.

We don’t need to wait for anyone to recognize and celebrate us – we’re happy to provide that for each other.

Awards Timline

New info coming soon!

Entry Fees

  • Independent Creators — $50. 
  • Corporate Creators — $125.

About She Podcasts

She Podcasts is a media company dedicated to supporting and uplifting independent podcasters with underrepresented voices. Our mission is to provide a space where women can come together to share their stories, messages, and voices with the world. We offer a range of resources and support to help podcasters succeed, including a live event, a network, a podcast, and an educational library.

About Tiphany Kane, Executive Director

Tiphany Kane, is the CEO of KaSa Media Productions, public speaker, podcast producer, and coach who brings her passion for the art of the spoken word to people who need help finding their voice. Tiphany is the host of several podcasts including: Radical Audacity in Love & Life, Diet Riot Sweat Repeat, Mastering the Podcaster Mindset and Mastering the Business of Podcasting. Tiphany has been featured in Shout Out LA Magazine, Authority Magazine, Women Who Podcast Magazine, Voyager LA Magazine and has won two Davey Silver Awards for Podcast Excellence.

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